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Robozou explains that you woke him up and saved his life.n take control of the Master and, as promised, is waiting in the Kitchen (6). Don't take this too seriously.A reminder that we have no choice and this mission from God(7) doesn't seem to work on the killer anymore.
- Why is he trying to kill you? Nikki asked.
- Yes, because he has to.
I was beginning to think he was crazy when Aum spoke again, this time less calmly.
True, we saw that the fire began to fade. Then all the lights disappeared, and the killer was already hanging in the air at the level of our eyes. He saw that we were not looking at him and hung his head. And laughed.
The kitchen is the only place where the killer can talk. He didn't tell us that. I kept his head as his hand grabbed mine and tried to pull me away from him. I was on the Tongue again and pushed him out of there. But he continued to laugh even when a purple bubble formed on his head. Finally, he flew away.
When the killer's hand touched my thigh, AU M instantly drew his little knife and immobilized it, and I was already standing a few inches from the toilet.
The last thing I heard was the killer's chuckle. And nothing more.
(8) Somehow, both the killer's arms and legs were bolted to metal chairs and table legs.
I absolutely did not want to be part of someone's performance, I was only worried about my life.
I think AU still knows what he's doing.
And it really works. He makes us all think we were just playing some theatrical play. I don't even know what made him take me.
I think we're all a little guinea pigs. Whoever orders us, we do whatever the AU tells us to do.
But AU kidnapped Nikki and I can't stand it. It seems to me that behind all this lies some kind of secret that AU does not want to tell us about.
The AU is not satisfied with what he did to the Rogue and the bandits. But how to explain it?
Nikki must have given up hope of returning to Earth.
Still would!
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